Fear in your body?

by | 2022-08-16 | Body | 0 comments

This quote resonates with me; who hasn’t experienced how their voice changed in a conversation, feeling the stress and hearing our voice going three pitches higher…. certainly everybody noticed (but did they?). Sweaty palms, sweaty all over, not able to move. Now some people might argue, some stress is good, it makes you perform better. Although that is true, there is the level of anxiety that overwhelms,  in such a way, that people can’t perform.

When re-reading the quote I wasn’t sure how to interpretate the danger bit; yes, anxiety is something very physical, and can have enormous effects. It’s probably that I don’t want to concentrate on danger, what is not the same as ignoring. You won’t ignore a fire alarm, most likely there is a fire; you won’t ignore a alarm light on your car dashboard, you know the oil or something needs checking.  Acknowledging the signal as a first step, so you can decide in your own time what’s the next step…

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